Andres Legarra


I am Research Director at INRA Toulouse in the GenPhySE unit, at the Animal Genetics department. My work is related to quantitative genetics and genetic evaluation of livestock.

If you want to write me, firstname.secondname arroba inrae punttu fr !

I did my PhD in Neiker with Eva Ugarte and I did a postdoc at the Animal and Dairy Science Department at the University of Georgia, with Ignacy Misztal and Keith Bertrand.

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I have developed my own programs

and helped in others’ people programs:


Course on Genomic Selection

This is a course that is taught every two years at UGA, with materials of the 2018 edition . I often teach a part of it. Some materials that we have constructed for this course include notes Bases for Genomic Prediction in pdf , in epub , and in single-file html (but without the Appendix) formats.

Courses held at GenphySE, INRA

Advanced Quantitative Genetics for Animal Breeding

Taught by Miguel Angel Toro, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid at GenPhySE, INRA Toulouse March 14-17, 2017. Slides are here.

Systems Biology and Gene Networks Inference: Application to Livestock Breeding and Genetics

Taught by Toni Reverter, CSIRO Agriculture and Food, Brisbane, Australia at GenPhySE, INRA Toulouse, Nov 19-23, 2018. All slides are here.

Some other documents

and, in English:

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