Creating a website with blogdown

First post! (better late than never…)

Looking for an easy way to create your website? Here are a few links that helped me get started: This tweet from Mara Averick first pointed me to this excellent tutorial.
Then I mostly used the blogdown introduction and the academic theme documentation

When I had problems, it sometimes helped me to get the messages from the hugo command.
In RStudio:

system("hugo", intern=TRUE)

I had some issues because my baseurl in the config.toml file has subdirectories (like baseurl = ""). I found some help here, but just ended up using /subpath/img/myimage.png for the links to images (as indicated here).

I also had issues with the links on social sharing buttons. I found a solution here that works.
After building the site with blogdown::build_site(), I run hugo -D in my website folder, which fixes the links. In RStudio, you can also run:

system("hugo -D", intern=TRUE)